At times, when you’re focused on the logistics of running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of the art that you create. When that happens, someone needs to remind you to adjust your lens a bit. At Studio Manhattan, we’re very lucky because we don’t just have someone, we have several — several fans, that is. And nothing makes us happier than being reminded by our fans that, in their lives, our art is always in focus. So here’s to them.

Spring Into Fall

In the world of fashion, fall is spring. There is a renaissance of ideas, the emergence of new perspectives and, in general, the adoption of brighter outlooks. At Studio Manhattan, this is when we truly get inspired. We see the city with new eyes. We discover motifs which hitherto have gone unnoticed. We walk further and we observe longer. So join us as we spring into fall.

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Drunk on Dreams

Make Love, Not War


At Studio Manhattan, we’re dreamers. But we’re not the only ones. So we thought it was high time we brought back some of the dreams of the 60s. You can find them on our latest iPhone covers. Free spirits, free love, and fabulous fashion for all!