Bringing Back Bryant

It’s amazing what a makeover can do! Bryant Park had its facelift in the nineties, and, in the years since then, we’ve followed suit. Every holiday season, we devote ourselves to transforming a simple station into a showcase of Studio Manhattan art. We hammer and paint in order to create a happy holiday haven – for you. So, this Friday afternoon, shake up your sandwich routine. Bring your lunch break to Bryant Park and see how we do.

Back at Bryant Park!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…at Bryant Park!

On Oct. 26th, our booth will be back behind the library, and, this season, we have savings for all! Ladies, we know how hard it is to shop for your man, so we made it a little bit easier. Give your guy the gift of three – a belt, a wallet, and an iPhone case – and we’ll throw in a fourth product for good measure. And that’s just the beginning. So stop by our booth next Friday and let the gift-giving begin!


When you love fashion as much as we do, the biggest hurdle when stepping out the door in the morning isn’t deciding what to wear, but, rather, refraining from spending every penny you own. Luckily, at Studio Manhattan, our most spend-happy style mavens are kept in check by our team’s most cost conscious fashionista, Amanda. As the author of the fashion blog, Amanda Irel knows how to stay stylish on a budget. Needless to say, such sartorial smarts quickly earned her a brand ambassador appointment. We sat down with the twenty-something New York native to pick her brain about fashion and blogging, as well as to – hopefully and clandestinely – glean some tips on how to get the most mileage out of our own products.

  •  Your blog,, offers readers tips on how to stay fashionable on a low budget. When and why did you decide to start blogging and where did your inspiration come from? 

Since I have a lot of hobbies and eclectic interests, no matter what I’m doing, I’m always interested in making sure that my outfit reflects my mood and is comfortable and appropriate for the activity. As a fashion blogger with a psychology degree, I consider it of great importance to analyze the clothing we wear relative to the activities we wear them for.

More importantly, I love finding affordable alternatives to designer wear that are still high quality. Forcing myself to remain on a budget just after college (while living on my own and paying for my education) was tough, and I realized that so many young people were in the same predicament. That is why I began writing The Sensible Style. The Sensible Style is an outlet for those striving to look fashionable and to keep up with the latest trends, despite living on a budget.


  • What do you love about fashion?

As I’m not artistically inclined, I love that fashion provides an easy way to create something aesthetically pleasing. In a world where we always try to look appropriate and people are highly judgmental, fashion is an outlet through which anyone can stand out while fitting in. You can learn so much about a person’s personality just by their choice of garments. I believe fashion is a simple creative way for people to express themselves. What’s better than that?


  •  What does blogging offer you, personally? And what do you hope your blog provides your readers?

For me, blogging is a creative outlet. I love writing, and often help friends with styling, shopping and organization –  so being able to share my thoughts on a larger scale is exciting. Unlike some, I blog for my own enjoyment and to help others, NOT to gain popularity. I hope that my readers recognize that they can look put-together, whether professionally or casually, regardless of their financial situation.


  • What appeals to you about Studio Manhattan’s products? Which designs/items are your favorites?

Studio Manhattan’s sophisticated-yet-worn look immediately caught my eye. I have a weirdly edgy-yet-feminine style, so industrial art on the high quality materials makes me really love Studio Manhattan’s products.

My favorite item, the American flag clutch, can be worn with a dress for a night out, or carried with jeans and a t-shirt on a weekend brunch date. The clutch even comes with a skinny strap, so it can double as a small cross-body purse. Being a blogger who focuses on fashion on a budget, I especially appreciate that Studio Manhattan’s products are super versatile.