Happy Holidays!!

Now that it’s officially Friday and the world has not come to an end, all of us at Studio Manhattan are ready to welcome les vacances! No matter where you are in the world, we wish you a holiday season filled with all the magic of Manhattan. And if you’re nesting in New York for the next week, throw your ice-skates in a bag and head over to Bryant Park. If we’re not at our booth, you’ll find us on our bums in the middle of the rink.

Bryant Park Bonanza

Happy Friday, Friends!

The weekend is just about here, but we’re not planning on wrapping up any time soon. We might take a small break this evening to down a bathtub of wine, but then it’s back to Bryant! Since we basically live at Bryant Park these days, we thought we’d share a few snapshots of our home away from home with you. Although the holiday season has been hectic so far, we kind of dig it. When else do we get to meet and greet our products’ new parents? So stop by and say hi! We’re always here. (Seriously.)

Manhattan Memos – The Creative Process

In the spring of 2009, I took my scooter on one of its usual trips to Brooklyn. It was a cloudy day – one that was perfect for my new HDR portfolio. As I rode around Dumbo, I suddenly noticed the rocks on the East River, which had emerged as a result of the low tide. I realized I had just stumbled upon one of those postcard-perfect scenes of the Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan.

This photo made my portfolio, and at Studio Manhattan we decided to create our first five-piece canvas set around it. It was an instant hit and I was really proud of the result – partially because I think of my work as my children. I create them. They even have birthdays – as well as ISO values and shutter speeds.

This is what I thought when I saw my newborn son’s identification tag for the first time this past weekend.

Name: Ali Emre, Weight: 3246 gr., Length: 48 cm, Born: 5:54AM, 12/03/12.

This time, however, I wasn’t the real artist. I was, like the camera, merely an instrument in the creative process. My immense gratitude goes to the true artist who brought me this perfect little masterpiece.