Studio Manhattan Chat: Leighelena

We chatted with Leighelena, another leather loving boutique that carries our line, to find out more about them and what their plans are for the future.  Here’s what they said:


1.     How did Leighelena come into this world? How did you take your love of accessories and turn it into a business?

At a young age I was intrigued and inspired by my mother’s enamel pieces.  After attending college for business and working in retail, I wanted to pursue jewelry making as my artistic outlet and business.


2.     Talk to us a little bit about Leighelena’s mission and identity. What sets your brand apart?

 We are a handmade Austin based jewelry line that offers one of a kind pieces!


3.     Describe your signature style and how it translates into the pieces you create.

Growing up in El Paso and residing in Austin, Leigh has a lot of traditional Texas style with an artistic flair.  Her creations have a similar clean classic style with fun pops of color and texture.


4.     You have been a longstanding supporter of our products. What appeals to you about Studio Manhattan’s concept, and why do you think your customers continue to purchase our merchandise?

 It is well made and extremely eye-catching!!


5.     What is your favorite Studio Manhattan product or design? Why.

The beautiful leather wallets with Texas, Austin and American graphics.


6.     What are your hopes and plans for the future of your brand/company?

That more people have the opportunity to see and own our products and experience our welcoming and fun stores and the products I love to carry.


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