Studio Manhattan Chat: Tender Land Home

Jackie from Studio Manhattan asked Dave, the owner of Tender Land Home, to tell us more about his Catskill Mountain store.


1. Tender Land Home is located right in the midst of the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  How does being in that environment effect the style of your store and the products that you have?

Being in the Catskills definitely affects the style of my store and the products I feature.  Many of the homes here require country, rustic furnishings, but I also have many customers from the NYC metro area shopping for their apartments.  A blend of softer, contemporary (no harsh chrome etc) items and rustic items is the best fit for my store.

2. I love the name Tender Land Home.  How did you come up with it?

The name of the store is from the Aaron Copland opera “The Tender Land.”

3. I looked at your facebook page–it looks like you have quite a dedicated fan base!  What sets Tender Land Home apart when it comes to creating a strong connection with customers?

I work hard at developing personal relationships with my customers.  I welcome everyone with a wide variety of price points (what’s worse than going in a store and feeling like you can’t afford anything there?) and a relaxed atmosphere.  There’s no hard sell.  Just the offer of help if it’s needed.  And small stores such as mine have to (I can’t say it emphatically enough) stress customer service.  Something can always be knocked off and sold more cheaply at a big box store.  But a big box store doesn’t offer caring service and free gift wrapping as I do!!

4. Tell me about your favorite Studio Manhattan product or design?

My favorite Studio Manhattan products are the wallets.  It’s wild — people just gravitate to them!!

5. What appeals to you about Studio Manhattan’s concept and why do you think your customers continue to purchase our merchandise?

Studio Manhattan’s appeal to me as a retailer and to my customers are one in the same  — the product is hip, edgy, and practical.  Every time you put on a belt, or pull out your wallet or use your iphone it’s FUN!!!

6. What are your hopes and plans for the future of your company?

I hope with my store to remain a  part of a small Main Street American town.  Stores in small towns are institutions in that they provide continuity, vitality, identity and a social outlet for a community.

7. I live in New York City.  When is the most beautiful time to visit your store in Phoenicia, NY so I can have a break from the crowds and concrete??

I think the best time to visit here is in June while everything is very lush or in early October to see the leaves.


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