Survey Says?

To all our fashion-forward fans:

We need your help. As you know, we recently debuted a lively new line for the spring/summer season. As proponents of positive thinking, our designs tapped into spring’s untethered optimism – in a big way. This season, more than ever before, our creative process took us down a road of roaring colors. Flamingo pinks, lime greens and canary yellows suddenly soared through our minds and onto our leathers. (Perhaps we were so scarred from the horror of Hurricane Sandy that all we could dream of was Miami Beach in the ’80s?) Now we want to know what you think. Do our new designs make the cut, or would you rather we cut them out? Can our new colors compete with our regular muted motifs? Tell us what you think and we’ll send one reflective reader a product of his/her choice.

Ready, set, critique!

Tee Time

Christmas has come early this year. As of next week, we’re stocking our Seaport store with our brand-spanking-new t-shirt line! Actually, let us re-phrase that: custom t-shirt line. That’s right. Pick from our selection of New York and Brooklyn-themed designs, choose a t-shirt style, select the color of your t-shirt and ink, and voilĂ ! Our gift to you. So start stuffing your stockings. It’s tee time at Pier 17.